Center for Computing Education

It starts with you

To deal with information technology today means to fight in the market where there is global competition. Therefore, you will in our educational offer find what we now call the mainstream technologies, but also technology seminars, the platforms and solutions that are today what the world standards advocate. Our customers always have knowledge of the technologies that are now current in the IT world.

Education programs

CCED provides a wide range of educational programs from the world's leading IT vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco (Networking Academy), in which the candidates, through the optimal combination of theoretical and practical training, have the opportunity to get acquainted with key IT technologies in a course which is structured according to global standardized educational programs. Classes are led by industry experts with years of experience and relevant vendor teaching credentials.

Specialized IT education

We also provide specialized IT training adapted to your needs. The method of teaching (in person, online, blended), as well as the dynamics of holding classes, is flexible and open to different arrangements. We have years of experience providing customized training to a wide range of candidates, including the employees of state institutions and leading corporations in the country, beneficiaries of internationally-funded educaitonal programs for B-H, all the way to individual participants from the general public who are looking for "a second chanceā€.

Testing and Certification

CCED, through its partnership with Pearson VUE Education Company, offers you the opportunity to validate your acquired knowledge in the IT field, with an internationally recognized certificate after successful completion of a certification exam. Exams can be scheduled on this page and you can take them in our modern testing center. The range of exams that can be taken is very wide and it includes the certification of the vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, and others.